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    The Total Solution for Businesses, Donations and Investors finance bill 2010 india

    NexTrend provides help to business owners, investors and those wanting to donate to a project or business. We offer crowdfunding, equity crowdfunding and investment banking.

    We offer three ways to raise money for a project or businesses. Choose one, two or all three. From concept validation, to additional funding, to more in depth investment banking. This helps the business owner with funds for the emergence, growth and development of a project or business.

    Our website can also help you find a project or businesses you are interested in. You can donate and receive schwag or rewards. You can also invest and get stock. You can now help a project or business you want to see succeed. You can also now take part in the future growth of a company through the purchase of early shares.

    NexTrend has been in business since 1993 and NexTrend Securities since 1997. Based on our experience as a software company and brokerage firm, we believe we are best positioned to help you reach your goals.

    As you can see NexTrend is the answer when it comes to raising capital for your project or business. If you have any questions please contact us. We would love to hear from you and we are here to help. Thank you for visiting the NexTrend website.

    NexTrend Crowdfunding NexTrend CF

    Crowdfunding is the collective effort of people who pool their resources to support the efforts of others. Crowdfunding now helps business owners with access to capital and provides the important tools needed to help them with proof of concept, brand awareness and sales.

    When someone donates to a crowdfunding project they receive schwag or a reward for their donation. Donators support projects for their own personal reasons rather than for financial gain. Projects are funded by like-minded people that are interested in the project enough to donate and help to make it a reality.

    Crowdfunding has been around for a very long time. In fact the base for the Statue of Liberty was paid for in 1884 with a form of crowdfunding. More than one hundred and twenty five thousand people donated $1 each to finish the base when they ran out of money to complete it on time.

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    NexTrend Equity Crowdfunding NexTrend Equity CF

    Equity Crowdfunding is different from crowdfunding. Instead of schwag or rewards businesses will now be able to raise money over the Internet in exchange for shares of stock in their business.

    For the first time non accredited investors will have access to and be able to invest in private company shares over the Internet. This new form of investing changes the playing field. Businesses will now have easier access to the money they need to grow their business.

    There are however certain restrictions. Please take a closer look to see what they are. For example a business can not raise more than one million dollars during a rolling twelve month period. Businesses also need audited financials if they want to raise more than five hundred thousand dollars. Inventors are also limited to the amount that they can invest during a twelve month time frame. These are just a few of the restrictions in what we would call version 1.0. We are hopeful that in version 2.0 some of these and other restrictions will be changed so that more and more businesses can raise cash and help create more jobs in the United States of America.

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    NexTrend Securities, Inc. is here to help when a business may require more in depth options. We can help with additional strategies including raising equity or debt, mergers and acquisitions and restructurings.

    We are located in Dallas, Texas. We hold the following 2006 structural seismic design manual 1 . The firm's Membership Agreement allows for the following advanced management accounting books .

    There are times when working with an investment banking firm for raising capital may be the best solution and it might be better than pursuing other means of raising capital. One of the major advantages of working with NexTrend is that at least it is an option and in many cases a good one to have. If you have any questions please garageband 11 manual us.


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